GOVOG, The early 90’s had a great impact on us and we really wanted to be a part of that. Since then we’ve created music constantly, sometimes staying up till 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning. We remember during one winter night session, our heating was off, and the displays of the synths where barely visible due to the cold.. But we made our beats.. We experimented a lot with mixing 2 of our own tracks together, and sometimes magical things happened. The two tracks clicked and created harmonics and melodies that were not audible on either track! Like 1+1=3! It melted into one massive sound, and that musical density is what we try to create. In the beginning we were maybe a bit too critical about our music and did not really spend effort in to getting it out into the world. But we kept on going, making beats, trying to persevere and include the euphoric musical feelings from the beginning of the Acid House era. It’s that sound and feeling and more you'll experience listening to tracks from GOVOG!


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Noordeinde 10-12
2435AD Zevenhoven (Noordeinde)
The Netherlands